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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Christmas Gaming?

Any plans for any Christmas time gaming this year?

If so, what games are being considered?

I don't get as much time off as previous years, unless I can swing some excused absence days, but would like to get together for something.

Perhaps, a nostalgic Axis and Allies, or Civilization or something?
I've got a couple Role-playing games I'd like to try out, one is pretty rules light, but not sure if we want to spend the time that way...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Do I get a pointy helmet??

Ok.... it's time to comment on gaming..... kill 'em all.

any questions???

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Another Contributor

I'm Da Bob Cat!

Longtime paper and pencil RPG gamemaster, and current City of Heroes junkie!

I'll be writing later about 3 role-playing games I'd like to playtest for superhero genre play. And I'll probably drop some info on City of Heroes ( a supers genre MMPORPG).

Catch ya later,

Da Bob Cat

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Gaming: What's that really mean?

Round about 1978, really dating myself here, I found gaming. At the time RPG's were new and wonderful, board games dominated the world. Who would have thought that when you say gaming it could mean so many different things, like playing on a computer or game console on your TV. You don't need to even involve other people anymore. Recently, they have added back a social component via massive multiplayer games where you can chat on a separate text or audio chat channel. We have so many new and awesome choices now. My personal pet peeve is the card games like Magic, Yugi-oh (forgive the spelling) and others that sprung up like weeds over the last few years. There only purpose to exist seems to be as a source for a marketing cartoon to sell more cards. And of course you "Gotta get 'em all!" I did briefly toy with them. I had my own small collection of Illuminati! cards. Small numbers compared to a friend of mine that had purchased them by the THOUSANDS. To get a really awesome deck you are spending massive amounts of cash to blindly purchase these card packs in the hopes of getting something good and more duplicates. They lost their appeal quickly and others felt the same. Hence the appellation of "Crack for Gamers" to the card games. I went to Origins a few years ago and half the convention was 8-14 year olds (some much older) sitting on the floor sorting their decks. I made a point to stay away from that part of the convention.

General Staff a co-contributor

I am General Staff. I am a co-contributor to this hopefully interesting blog. I have also a heavy and long background in gaming of various sorts. I got my start with AD&D (D&D) and branched out to other games and systems like Advanced Civilization, Empire Builder, EuroRails, Battletech, Star Fleet Battles and computer games also.


Hello and welcome to The Kaiser's Roll where we will carry on discussions about all things gaming. The contributors to this blog have diverse backgrounds when it comes to gaming. I hail from a wargame/RPG/computer gaming background. I grew up playing games like Risk, Panzer Blitz, Panzer Leader, AD&D, Traveller, Advanced Civilization, Civilization (Sid Meier's) versions 1, 2 and 3, Axis & Allies, Junta and too many more to name.

I've been a player, a dungeon master, even designed and run tournament games at a couple of local gaming conventions. Again, on behalf of the contributors and myself, welcome.